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Our Mission, Visions & Values


ISIVF was established forty years ago by Sir Robert Edwards and other respected pioneers in the field of reproductive biology and medicine. Sir Robert Edwards has been a spiritual center of our society. The first congress was held in Kiel, Germany. Since then, nineteen congresses have been held in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and Africa. ISIVF has been providing tremendous knowledge and state-of-the-art information to researchers, clinicians and other health care providers.



  • To promote research and clinical development in the field of in vitro fertilization of human oocytes (IVF) and various forms of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) for the prevention and treatment of infertility and other indicated conditions.
  • To promulgate ethical practice and standards of practice for such treatments.
  • To foster collaboration between the various IVF and ART centres in the world that offer IVF and ART.
  • To hold organize symposia for the purposes of presentation, discussion, exchange and publication of research, data, knowledge, theories and standards pertaining to IVF and ART, and specifically, a forum under the name “World Congress on In Vitro Fertilization”.
  • To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

Visions and Values

ISIVF contributes prestigious opportunities to educate people and deeply communicate by the creation of worldwide network between different districts and occupations.
Eight special interest groups in ISIVF are energetically functioning as a center of investigation and education. They provide high quality resources which devote to enhance reproductive science and clinical standard.